Four generations

...and almost 80 years in between.

Although this was originally not my idea, I stumbled upon this kind of picture on the Internet a long time ago and decided to make my own version. The smallest piece of the puzzle, my niece, was born a year ago and the portrait was the perfect gift for my grandmother.

As I have little experience (and gear) shooting portraits, my cousin helped me with the lighting and advised on other parts. I took a couple of shots of each "generation representative" holding an empty photo frame and used masking and layers in Photoshop to create a four generations photo.

Gear used: Canon 50D with Sigma 35/1.4 Art, Yongnuo and Canon speedlites and a reflection board.


Update (10 Jan 2015): "Four generations" placed second in the most popular photos on 500px portal, just couple of hours since being uploaded, with around 15k views as of now. Thanks all!