Taken by Richard Petrech /  www.forfunfoto.sk

Taken by Richard Petrech / www.forfunfoto.sk

Hidden or unleashed, there is an artistic side in every person. Although I don't consider myself an artist, I find it easy to express myself by means of photography. It allows me to capture and share the moments I would hardly be able to describe in words. While I am a big fan of what the current digital technologies offer, especially in terms of digital equipment and post-processing tools, I try to set a target and constrains for what I want the picture to say and recreate the original scene as I see it.

My work consists mainly of pictures I took during travels and pictures of my favourite spots in places where I lived. In addition, I have experience shooting various conferences and events

When it comes to inspiration, it is not only work of other photographers, but also musicians or filmmakers, such as Trent Reznor or Tom Lowe.